Year 9 D & T Video

Year 9 are coming towards the end of our current D & T project to design and construct a spice rack holder. This has been a piece of work that the pupils have taken tremendous pride in. This enthusiasm is carrying all the way through to the conclusion of the work. We are now making many final alterations to our to make sure that the finish is the best that we can achieve.

Having carefully cut out the pine wood and then pieced all the components together, Year 9 are now focussing upon sanding, smoothing and removing any pencil marks used during the construction phase. We have asked the pupils to consider how they would like the final finish to appear. We have learnt that pine is well suited to a varnish effect.

Once we are confident that our spice racks have been finished to the level of perfection that we require, we will then ask the students to undertake a short self-assessment. We are interested in knowing what D & T techniques worked? Could any different tools have been chosen? How could we alter the appearance of our spice racks?

A selection of our Year 9 pupils explain a little more about this project in the video above.

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