Year 10 Maths Podcast

Year 10

Year 10 have started the new term at Lansdowne School with a refresher of our existing maths knowledge, before we move on to explore new topics and ideas. We will be beginning each Monday morning with a simple reminder of the maths information that we have already been taught.

This weekly warm-up will set a number unique challenge for each pupil, depending on their needs. Key facts such as number bonds, times tables and division facts will be recalled to help start the week. We are keen for the pupils to feel comfortable when using mathematical terms such as sharing, dividing or multiples of.

Another theme for the start of the new autumn term in Year 10 has been to look at shapes and their properties. We are interested in being able to identify the features that define each individual shape. Working with the school resources, Year 10 have been exploring the number of sides, the lengths of each side, the number of angles and the varying degrees of different angles. Using this knowledge the pupils are now confident in being able to describe the differences between shapes.

A couple of our Year 10 pupils explain a little more in the audioboo below.

Other maths work that we will be learning this term includes looking at decimal numbers. We have already started to see how decimals fit in with our overall understanding of the traditional number line. Year 10 have made some great progress in carrying out addition sums using decimal numbers. Great care and attention has been paid to always observing where the decimal point goes, and to make sure that the tens, units and tenths columns are kept in the correct place.

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