Year 11 P.E. Video

Our Year 11 pupils at Lansdowne School have started to learn more about the game of volleyball during recent P.E. lessons. This is a highly technical sport that requires many new skills for the students to learn. It is also a great team game and is perfect for helping the pupils with both physical and social skills.

We started off our work by looking at the three main types of shot that are required in volleyball: serving, the set pass and the dig shot. Each type of action has a different use of hand to ball technique. We are using these three types of move as the building blocks ahead of setting up a number of volleyball game situations.

Working in small groups, Year 11 have been practicing each move, using a simple scoring system to measure the improvement in their skills. We have also started to talk about the rules of volleyball. Although the basic aim of passing the ball over the net is simple, our pupils have also looked at the scoring system and the rules concerning how many times we can touch the ball.

These are themes that we will be working to improve upon throughout the start of the autumn term. We will be developing each session to include a game session at the end. You can watch a short video above of the early progress being made by Year 11.

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