Year 7 Music Video

All of our new starters in Year 7 at Lansdowne School are settling in well at the start of the new autumn term. We have welcomed fourteen new pupils into our school. These first few weeks will be spent getting to know our new friends, as well as feeling comfortable and safe in a school environment where we can continue with our learning. Extra specialist adult support has been provided to Year 7 to help with this transition.

One of the areas that we are particularly impressed with is the early progress that the students have made during initial music lessons. This is a part of the curriculum that we are incredibly keen to explore as a means to help all pupils in the school develop their unique talents and personalities.

New for the 2013 school year is the introduction of a dedicated set of high tech keyboards that we can now use at Lansdowne School. Working with Miss Sheldon, our specialist Music Teacher, Year 7 have been introduced to the school keyboards. We have set the specific task of being able to play a well-known song, and then to share this with our new school friends.

We started off this work by showing the students some of the keyboard basics that we need to succeed: starting and stopping the rhythm, locating the headphone socket and exploring some of the variations in sound and pitch. We have also looked at what is meant when we talk about acoustic or electronic music.

The students were then asked to select one of their favourite songs to learn. The selections included Stand by Me, Happy Birthday, Lean on Me and Billie Jean. Working with adult support, we then produced a learning programme for each pupil to help them complete their task. As you can see from the short video above, Year 7 are already producing some fantastic work and setting a high standard.

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