Y11 Humanities Video

Year 11 have been looking at the history of the National Parks in Wales during our recent humanities lessons. We have completed our earlier work learning about the tropical rainforest. The pupils were keen to compare how the habitat of the Amazon compares with that of the countryside in Wales.

We started off our work by watching a short film looking at some of the scenery found in the Welsh National Parks. The pupils were then asked what is meant by the term of National Park? How is this different to some of our local parks such as Brockwell?

The film showed many of the interesting features that can be found in the Welsh parks. Year 11 then held a class discussion to help think about how rivers, lakes, mountains and countryside animals might help to make the parks unique.

Year 11 then worked in small groups to carry out different tasks and activities, depending on their learning targets. One group was asked to research the history of the Welsh National Parks and to come up with a spider diagram detailing some relevant facts. Another selection of pupils thought of some suitable describing words to match the images in front of them. A final Year 11 group had some adult help with reading and writing some key sentences all about the knowledge that we have learnt.

This work is linked to both our humanities research on the tropical rainforest, as well as our own environment where we live in South London. We have been encouraging the students to think how all three differ, although there might be some similarities. An example might be Brockwell Park in South London. It has many green features similar to the Welsh National Parks, but it is very much an urban park, rather than a rural one.

Some of these ideas are explored by a Year 11 pupil in the video above.

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