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Year 7 had a brilliant time during their first ever-practical session in the Lansdowne Food Tech space. We wanted the pupils to produce a practical piece of cooking, as well as to help all of the students feel safe and comfortable when using our school cooking equipment.

We started off the session by thinking about ways that we can all work together in the kitchen. The pupils suggested that we all need to share the equipment, and to behave in a sensible manner when using the kitchen resources. We agreed that we need to follow the teacher instructions in order for the Food Tech session to be a success. Finally we learnt the Golden Rule when starting off work in the Lansdowne Food Tech space – ALWAYS wash your hands ahead of handling food!

Year 7

Year 7 were now ready to prepare their first food as part of the Food Tech learning. On the menu was the healthy option of homemade flapjack. We asked the pupils when would be an appropriate time to eat this food. Is it a main meal, or perhaps a snack? The pupils correctly identified that flapjack is an incredibly healthy snack food that can provide us with an energy boost during the day.

The first practical task that we set Year 7 was to make sure that we were working with the correct measurements for each ingredient. Oats, sugar, butter and syrup had already been weighed out into individual bowls. To help Year 7 become familiar wit using the electronic scales we asked them to weigh each item, and then record this on their information sheet.

Year 7

The pupils then worked through the list of instructions. These included mixing in the ingredients, melting them on a low eat, and then placing them on a baking tray ahead of cooking, After twenty minutes of cooking in the oven, our flapjacks were ready to be taken home and shared.

This was a very successful first Food Tech session for Year 7. All staff were impressed with the mature approach of the pupils, as well as being able to follow the instructions and end up with a very tasty snack to take home. You can find out a little more about our Food Tech work by watching the video above.

Year 7

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