Y8 Literacy and Maths

Year 8 at Lansdowne School have made great progress in both our literacy and maths work during the first half of the autumn term. We have introduced the pupils to the classic Matilda book by Roald Dahl during our literacy lessons. This is a story that allows the pupils to explore the relationships between the many characters, as well as to think of some of the possible outcomes contained in the story.

We have set a number of different learning targets for all class members. Some Year 8 pupils have been re-writing the Matilda story in their own words. We have been using Communication in Print to help us with this task. This is the inclusive system of signs that we use throughout Lansdowne to help all pupils to express themselves.

Other pupils have written some descriptions of some of the main characters using CiP. We wanted Year 8 to be able to identify what type of person the main characters are, and then think of a suitable adjective to describe them. We will be producing a Year 8 Matilda display to showcase our work. Some of the class members have already started work on designing their own front cover for the book which we can use in our display.

A Year 8 class member explains a little more about the Matilda book in the short video above.

Elsewhere in Year 8 and the pupils have made a strong start to the new school year during maths lessons. As half term approaches we have been recapping on the mathematical knowledge that we have learnt so far. To help the pupils warm up ahead of the main maths learning, we have been counting from 1 to 100 at the start of each level.

As part of the National Curriculum we are required to set individual targets and learning levels for each Year 8 pupil. Three assessments are carried out throughout the course of the school year. This is to help the teaching staff to judge how effective the teaching has been, as well as to plan ahead individual learning programmes for the remainder of the year.

Year 8 have just finished their first maths assessment of the school year. A great understanding of addition, subtraction, division and the sequencing of numbers was shown by most pupils. Our staff will now take this knowledge and work with it to target how we can continue with our learning throughout the rest of the school year.

How did the assessments go? Find out in the audioboo below:

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