Year 11 Racket Sports

We are pleased to have been able to add a couple of table tennis tables to the Lansdowne School P.E. resources. Year 11 have been using these as part of their current P.E. work looking at racket sports. The pupils have also been learning the techniques required to be successful short tennis players.

One of the table tennis tables has been adapted so that all pupils feel comfortable at being able to use it. Year 11 have been using the large paddle bats to play a game that requires them to be able to hit a ball past their opponent at the other end of the table.

Year 11 will continue to look at other racket sports as the term progresses. We are keen to explore the similarities and differences between these types of activities. We are learning that they all require a good hand-to-eye co-ordination, but different types of strokes are needed in sports such as tennis and table tennis.

You can watch a video above showing some of the early progress being made by our Year 11 students.

Year 11

Year 11

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