Year 8 Music Video

Year 8 are having great fun with our introduction to rap as part of our recent music lessons. We have been looking in great detail at the work of Tinie Tempah, and in particular his Written in the Stars rap song.

We wanted the pupils to appreciate that you need a good understanding of literacy in order to write an effective rap lyric. Year 8 have been looking at how there is a story contained within a rap song, as well as an overall main message. We have see how the story is told via the verses, whilst the message is contained in the chorus.

This has been a truly inspiring way of learning for Year 8. We have found that the pupils have been keen to write their own lyrics and produce some very powerful messages in their own rap songs. We have helped Year 8 with adding in some suitable chord sequences, as well as a bass line to add some power to the rhythm.

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