Year 9 Art Video

Year 9 have been learning all about the use of stencils as part of our current art topic. We have seen how historically this technique can be traced all the way back to the cavemen and their use of brightly coloured patterns that were painted upon the walls of caves. We have followed the history of stenciling though to contemporary times and the political street art that we see around us in the work of Banksy.

We have looked at issues such as how street art is viewed by some as vandalism, but by others as an important way in which to put across a political message. Year 9 are in the process of creating their own powerful message using the medium of street art in their art books. We have asked the pupils to think of a message in which they believe strongly in, and then to portray this via a street art style.

You can watch one of our Year 9 pupils explaining more about her work in the video above.

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