Year 9 P.E. Video

Year 9 have been looking at sports that involve striking and fielding during recent P.E. lessons. We have been learning about some of the skills that are needed to succeed in these sports. Having spent some lessons learning about striking techniques, our recent focus has been on fielding. The pupils have taken part in activities to help improve their accuracy and strength when throwing a ball.

Year 9

Three workstations were set up for a recent session. We wanted to test Year 9 on hitting a moving target, throwing a ball accurately into a bucket, and also knocking over as many cones as possible with a ball. We have been finding out how pure strength is sometimes not the best skill. You need to combine this with accuracy and the ability to judge when is the best time to release the ball.

Year 9

We finished off our session by playing a game of Cone Strike. This is an incredibly popular activity at Lansdowne School. It involves teams trying to defend their own cones from being knocked over, whilst also taking the opportunity to go on the attack. After each short game, we asked class members to nominate a Man of the Match and to explain their reasons.

You can watch a short video of our P.E. session above.

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