Y8 FRESH Assembly

Year 8

Class 8DL staged a powerful school assembly just before the half term break. The main theme for our presentation was to remind our other friends throughout Lansdowne School of the FRESH rules.

These are a set of school-wide guidelines that all members of our school community have been remembering to observe at all times at Lansdowne School. They explain perfectly what expectations we have from all students and staff.

FRESH stands for:

Follow instructions

Right place, right time

Everyone deserves respect

Speak politely

Hands and feet to ourselves.

Class 8DL started off their assembly by displaying some colourful posters that the pupils have created during their art lessons. We asked the class members to think of the FRESH rules, and then how they might visualise these as a powerful piece of art.

The highlight of our assembly was the first screening of a short film that Class 8DL have produced. This involves the pupils acting out short scenes, showing what we mean by FRESH, as well as behaviour that is unsuitable at Lansdowne School.

We then asked questions about FRESH to the other pupils in the school to see what they have learnt from our assembly. We set the task of asking all at Lansdowne School to make an extra special effort to think about the FRESH rules.

Our closing message was that it is good to know about the FRESH rules, but it is even better to apply them.

You can find out a little more about the Class 8DL assembly in the short recording below.

Year 8

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