Lansdowne Pupils Meet The Queen!

Her Majesty The Queen at the Ebony Horse Club

Her Majesty the Queen Meets Lansdowne Pupils!

We are delighted to report that three of our Key Stage 3 pupils were recently able to meet the Queen! Troy, Calvin and Valentina were all introduced to Her Majesty recently at the wonderful Ebony Horse Club in Brixton. This is a superb local horse-riding centre that KS3 pupils are very kindly invited to attend each week.

Her Majesty The Queen at the Ebony Horse Club

The Queen was visiting Ebony to find out how horse-riding opportunities are made available to local Brixton students in this unique setting. Executive Head Teacher Mrs Adams was also invited, as well as Lisa, our dedicated Teaching Assistant who helps the pupils to visit the stables each week.

Her Majesty The Queen at the Ebony Horse Club

As well as getting to ride the ponies and horses, the Lansdowne pupils are also given tuition in rider safety and how to look after both the tackle and the horses. This is a tremendous practical skill for the students to learn. Her Majesty took an interest in this access that the Lansdowne pupils have with horse riding during her conversation with Mrs Adams.

Her Majesty The Queen at the Ebony Horse Club

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Many thanks for the kind permission to use these photographs.

London Youth Games Football Tournament

We would like to wish the Lansdowne School Football Team the best of luck in the forthcoming London Youth Games Football Tournament. A team of 16 students will proudly be representing our school at the event taking place at the Catford Football Grounds.

Many thanks to Mr Lee and his skilled sporting Teaching Assistants for making this tournament entry possible.

Parent’s Evening

We would like to remind all parents and carers of pupils at Lansdowne School that Parent’s Evening will be taking place on 20 November between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. This is a great opportunity to obtain some personal feedback about the progress being made by your children, as well as helping out with possible learning tips at home.

The Senior Management Team and Subject Leaders will also be available on the evening to answer any questions about the excellent work that we are striving to achieve at Lansdowne School. All pupils should already have returned home a slip asking about your possible interest in attending Parent’s Evening. Please be advised that parking is not available on the school site, but there is a pay and display on the nearby side streets

Lansdowne School

Ofsted Update from Mrs Adams

Lansdowne School was visited by an Ofsted Inspection Team from 5 – 6 June, 2013. We are incredibly proud that the work of all within our school community is officially recognised as being good.

The Ofsted Inspector stated:

“Teaching is good and there is some outstanding teaching.”

This marks a significant improvement from the previous Ofsted Inspection of February 2012. It enables Lansdowne School to continue with the current teaching practices as we strive towards our aim of being an outstanding school.

We would like to thank all within the Lansdowne community – students, parents and all staff – who were able to assist the Ofsted Inspector during the detailed two-day inspection. It is wonderful news as we approach the end of the current academic year, and a timely boost for to the work we need to continue with in September.

We are happy to share an overview of the report findings below. You can download a full copy of the Ofsted Inspection over here [PDF file.]

“There has been rapid and significant improvement since the school was judged to require special measures. The appointment of many new teachers, together with a comprehensive coaching programme for staff, has successfully raised the quality of teaching.”

“Teaching is now good overall. Teachers’ assessments of students’ progress are accurate and checked regularly. This allows teachers to plan and deliver lessons that are well matched to students’ abilities.”

“Staff use the school’s chosen sign and symbol systems well, both when teaching and when making resources for lessons. This helps students more easily understand what they are being taught.”

“Students’ make good progress. For example, their reading skills develop quickly because daily reading lessons are well structured and give them regular practice. This also helps students to be more confident learners in other lessons. Students’ literacy skills develop well because they have regular opportunities to read, write, speak and listen in most subjects.”

“Students feel safe at school and enjoy their lessons. Their behaviour in class is good because they understand the school’s five main rules, which teachers reinforce during most lessons. Students’ attendance has improved significantly.”

“The executive headteacher and the assistant headteachers know the school well. They use this information to make good decisions about how to improve the school. The interim executive board and advisors from the local authority provide good support and help to ensure that the judgements and actions of the school’s leaders are accurate and appropriate.”

After School Clubs

We are thrilled to be able to offer a number of different after school clubs for all pupils at Lansdowne School. We have given considerable thought as to the skills that our staff are able to kindly offer, as well as the balance between the after school clubs and the school curriculum.

Drama, chess, art and craft, cookery, football and Maths GCSE revision are all offered. The clubs will take place after school on Thursdays between 3:30pm – 4:15pm. All pupils are invited to attend whichever club they please, although places are limited.

We would ask any parent or carer of Lansdowne pupils to please give permission first for your children to make the most of this fantastic opportunity. A permission slip should hopefully have found its way home. We also need confirmation about collection arrangements, once the clubs have finished.

Many thanks to the staff who are able to offer their time for the Lansdowne after school clubs. This is a feature that we are hopeful of expanding.

Regular weekly school events:

Breakfast Club is from 8:45am each morning.

Mondays, Class 7DL, swimming at Brixton Rec.

Tuesdays, Class 9JP, 10ML, 11RG – Ilderton Motor Project.

Wednesdays, Class 11RG, Southwark College.

Fridays, Year 9, 10 and 11, Southwark Muslim Women’s Association.

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