Y9 Opinion Forming

Year 9

Our current literacy work in Year 9 has involved the students absorbing various sources of information, and then forming a personal opinion about a particular news story. We have taken the sad incident of an urban fox attacking a young boy in a South London bedroom that took place at the start of the year.

Year 9 started off this work by reading some newspaper reports on this story. We then accessed some TV news bulletins covering the incident via youtube. We asked the students how the content of the newspaper and TV reports differed, as well as the style in which the news story was reported in both mediums.

Having taken on board different sources of information regarding the attack, Year 9 then completed a comprehension exercise to help us recall the key facts. This knowledge was then developed a stage further as we introduced some reasoned arguments.

The aim was for each Year 9 pupil to develop their own opinions on the issue of urban foxes. How do we control their spread? Should there be a cull of foxes in the city? How can animal and human life live side-by-side in an urban environment?

You can listen to some of these thoughts being explored in the recording below.

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