Year 11 Science Podcast

Year 11

Our GCSE Science work in Year 11 is currently looking at the properties of different types of materials, and then comparing and contrasting these. We have been learning about manufactured materials such as plastics and how these can be a use to us in everyday life.

The Year 11 students started off a recent science lesson by brainstorming as many different items that we could see in the science lab that we thought contained polymers. We were surprised to see how reliant we are on plastic materials for such basic needs as clothing or drinks containers.

The science syllabus has helped the students to learn precisely how polymers are made. We have looked in detail at the theory of polymers being made from a series of monomers being strung together.

We asked Year 11 to think about why plastics are so popular when compared to natural materials such as wool or wood. Cost and the flexibility of the material were two of the main reasons.

Our GCSE science work will move on next to consider designer polymers, and then the properties of various oil substances. You can listen to one of our Year 11 students explaining a little more about this science work in the short recording below.

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