Singing and Signing Assembly

One of the weekly highlights at Lansdowne School is always the Friday morning singing and signing assembly. The School Choir meets up first on a Thursday for rehearsals with Miss Sheldon, our Head of Music. This is an open invitation for any pupils in the school who want to express themselves through singing and signing, as well as working together to produce some uplifting music. We are never short of volunteers!

School Choir

Our Friday morning assembly is an opportunity for the School Choir to share what has been learnt, and to encourage our other friends at Lansdowne School to join in with the singing and signing. Miss Sheldon leads the School Choir, with valuable help from Mikita and her superb signing skills.

We have now started to prepare for the Lansdowne School Christmas Concert. All pupils are learning the words and signs for a new Christmas song each week.

School Choir

Our Friday morning assembly comes to a close when we choose the Signer of the Week at Lansdowne. A certificate is awarded for the pupil that has made some wonderful progress in the School Choir, as well as supporting other friends throughout the school. We also recognise achievements across the curriculum with certificates of achievement being awarded for each subject.

School Choir

You find out a little more about the proud achievements of the current Signer of the Week in the video above. We are also happy to share a short recording of the Lansdowne School Choir in the recording below.

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