Year 10 Macbeth

Year 10

Year 10 have started work exploring some of the ideas contained in Shakespeare’s Macbeth during our literacy and drama sessions. This is a piece of text that we will be looking at in great detail over the coming weeks. In particular we are keen for the pupils to understand the complex power relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

We started off this work by watching a short video showing the opening scene of the three witches meeting and plotting. We asked questions such as how does this set the scene for the rest of the play? What clues might it give us as to what type of plot may follow?

Working in small groups, each Year 10 pupil was able to perform the short opening passage. Once the pupils felt confident with the famous three witches speech, we then played around a little with this idea. We asked each group to perform the text in the style of a different social group – Nannies in the park, spies or The Mafia. We experienced that by changing the characters, we can then give the text a different meaning.

We are happy to share some more of our traditional interpretations of Shakespeare in the recordings below.

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