Year 7 Aboriginal Art

Year 7

Year 7 have been building upon our existing knowledge of Aboriginal art to help create our own stories. The pupils have been studying this form of artwork and looking at some of the ideas that the Aborigines put across in their unique designs. We have seen how symbolism and meanings are both strong themes that Aborigines are keen to communicate in their art. Each Year 7 pupil has created their own artwork inspired by the Aborigines.

Year 7

We have now used these images of animals, characters and locations to create our own special Aboriginal story. Working in small groups we asked the pupils to create a story that can make use of the artwork that we have produced.

Year 7 were reminded that all good stories need to have a structure and a purpose. We started off by thinking of a suitable setting. We then needed to introduce the main characters. The pupils have been learning how a story usually has a problem that needs to be overcome. Finally we built into our stories a solution or outcome.

Year 7

It was wonderful to share some of the varied ideas that each group came back with. All of the stories contained the similar theme of an Aboriginal setting, but the ideas and plot differed. We are proud to share some of these Year 7 stories in the recordings below.

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