Year 9 Maths Progress

Year 9

Year 9 have been working on improving their mental maths skills using many different games and exercises during our recent lessons. We always stat off our sessions by playing some number games. This helps the students to recap their existing knowledge, as well as to prepare for the learning ahead. These games are organsied around the learning needs of each pupil. Examples include maths bingo, snakes and ladders or matching a number word with the corresponding number character.

A recent learning objective for our main Year 9 maths learning has been to look at the relationship between the number line and various multiplication tables. The students used a number line to draw jumps of two units each time. We could then work out from this exercise that if we jump two units of two, we land on four; therefore 2 x 2 = 4.

Other groups completed an adding and subtracting cross number puzzle. This is similar to a crossword, except we work with maths sums rather than word clues! Questions such as 90 + 12, or 200 – 4 needed to be answered to complete the puzzle.

A variety of mathematical methods were used by the Year 9 pupils. Some students chose to show their working out on paper; others were able to complete the sums using mental maths. The teaching staff continually ask the pupils to explain their mathematical reasoning at every stage.

We end all of our maths lessons with a self-evaluation from the class members. The teaching staff are keen to find out what knowledge has been learnt, and how we can continue to build upon this in future lessons.

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