Year 7 ICT

Year 7

Year 7 have been combining their ICT and science work by producing a Power Point presentation showing why it is important to eat a healthy diet. The pupils have been learning how we can use Power Point to explain a topic and make our message come across as powerful as possible. Images, animation and special effects have all been used.

The subject of healthy eating is something that Year 7 have been learning about this term. We know about the different food groups and how having a balance of each different type of food is a healthy approach. Our task was to put this message across in a commanding Power Point presentation.

All Year 7 pupils are now familiar with the Lansdowne School ICT rules. We understand the importance of keeping our login details safe, as well as how we need to sit in the correct position in the ICT suite so that we feel comfortable. It is great to see the Year 7 students also getting to grips with the ICT file system and structure that we use at Lansdowne School.

Year 7

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