Year 8 Geography Video

Year 8 have been looking at the differences between physical and human geography during recent Humanities lessons. The pupils have been thinking about how we can identify if humans have created a location, or if it is a natural place that is part of the nature landscape.

We held a class discussion to come up with ideas to help us with our task. Some pupils suggested that an obvious clue for a piece of human geography is the materials that have been used. We all know that concrete, metal and plastic aren’t natural. If we can see these then it must mean that we are looking at a piece of human geography.

After some careful thought we soon discovered that some locations might not be so clear-cut. A planted woodland area may be made up of natural resources, but it could be that the structure and layout have been put in place by humans.

All Year 8 pupils have completed an exercise to help us with our geography work. We have labeled a number of pictures in our class books, and identified if they are part of human or natural geography. A couple of the students explain a little more about their work in the video above.

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