Year 9 Music Video

Year 9 have started to make some early preparations ahead of their Music Entry Level exam that the students will be taking next year. A large focus for the work is to be able to compose an original piece of music. We have started to think about some early ideas to help us with this work, and to provide each pupil with the necessary skills to match their own learning abilities.

Three melodic ostinato compositions are required at Entry Level, along with two pieces of original rhythmic ostinatos. Each piece has to be the duration of at least two musical bars. A defined musical structure is also set out with the notes A, B, C, D and E being used. A repeating pattern is another feature for the pupils to consider.

Our dedicated music staff at Lansdowne School have been working individually with each Year 9 pupil to help them to identify what skills we will need to succeed in this task. One suggestion has been to think of simple words that will also match the rhythm that we are creating. It also helps if the song structure has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Our work in progress is currently at a very early stage. We have a full school year in order to help the Year 9 pupils feel confident ahead of the Entry Level. You can watch some examples of our early progress in the short video above.

Year 9

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