Year 9 Music Video

Year 9 are working towards a very special performance piece of music using the school keyboards. The pupils have been studying and learning the chord sequences and rhythm contained in Viva la Vida by Coldplay. This is a song that contains four powerful chords that constantly repeat. It is also useful for Year 9 to study as the layers of different instruments are built up as the song progresses.

Our first task was to master the chord structure. We watched a video of Coldplay performing the song and saw how the melody starts off first, soon followed by the bass line playing a similar sequence of chords.

Year 9 have been working in pairs to help re-create this sound. One partner plays the melody, whilst another adds in the bass. Once this structure has been mastered, we have been inviting each pair to perform in the Lansdowne School Music Studio. This is a new space that we have in the school. It contains professional keyboards, drums and a bass guitar, all amplified and connected together.

You can see some of the results from the early rehearsals of Viva La Vida in the short video above.

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