Year 8 Maths Video

Year 8

Year 8 have been having great fun during our recent maths lessons. We are keen to make the learning as enjoyable as possible, providing a mix serious mathematical learning with the chance to let off some energy.

The pupils have been enjoyed taking part in the Get Fit and Count exercise that we usually use to start off each lesson. This involves following the instructions on the class whiteboard as we go through various physical routines and count along at the same time. This is ideal for getting the brain and body ready for the learning ahead.

Various table activities have been completed by Year 8 during recent lessons. We structure the learning to meet the specific abilities and target aims of each pupil.

Some students have been focussing on sorting different pictures according to colour. We encourage conversation from each pupil and ask them to describe what they can see in the picture. You can watch a short video of this activity below.

Other groups have been working on activities that involve ordering a sequence of numbers. The pupils are confident in using the number line to help them complete the questions.

We have also been matching a number sentence with a sum. An example might be answering what is double 4? We know that this is 8, which we then matched up to the sum of 4 + 4.

We finished off our recent maths lesson in Year 8 with some more whiteboard fun, counting from 1 to 100 and dancing along. Finally we finished off by asking each student to remind our friends of the Lansdowne School FRESH rules, and to self-asses how successful we have been in keeping these.

Year 8

Maths is FUN!

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