Year 9 PE Video

Year 9 have been improving their teamwork skills as part of our recent PE lessons. The pupils have been playing various tag games. Individual skill and speed help, but we have learnt that there is no substitute for working collectively to achieve an aim.

We started our session with a warm up and a stretch. The students are now familiar with the routine that is expected of them, as well as the importance of preparing our bodies ahead of a PE session.

With all pupils now ready to play the tag games, we spent a short amount of time reminding each other of the rules. The task for each team has been to move the Rainbow Trophy from one end of the Lansdowne sports court to another. This is a soft, foam object that is ideal for passing around.

One team has the challenge of transporting the trophy down the court, whilst the opposition has to work together to try and stop this. Each attacking player wears a tag. The defending team has to try and remove this to take the player out of the game.

You can catch some of the game action in the video above. Look out for the spinning techniques to try and protect the tag, as well as the defending skills of surrounding a player.

Great teamwork!

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