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Class of the Week

We had plenty of awards to give out during a recent singing and signing assembly at Lansdowne School. Every Friday morning the whole school comes together to celebrate the outstanding work that has been achieved throughout the entire school curriculum.

The Lansdowne School Choir led the way with the singing and signing of Coldplays Viva La Vida, a song that students throughout the school are now being able to perform confidently.

Abigail was awarded the accolade of being the Star Signer of the Week. Miss Shelton spoke of how Abigail has been making an extra special effort during Choir practice to learn some new signing. Abigail chose Three Little Birds to sing as her reward.

Miss Tovey then invited a selection of pupils to the front of the assembly to share in their individual subject success. All teaching staff chooses a Star of the Week relevant to their own subject.

Finally we finished our Friday morning assembly with the presentation of the Class of the Week trophy. As the name suggests, this is an award that is given to the class that performs exceptionally across the entire school curriculum throughout the week. Class 11ML were the proud winners for this particular week.

Future School Trips

Year 7 Trip to the Royal Festival Hall

All Year 7 pupils will have the opportunity to attend a performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall on the morning of 5 March. We have been exploring the different sounds within an orchestra as part of our music lessons at Lansdowne School. This trip will enable the students to see a professional orchestra perform at first hand.

Class 11BF Trip to the Unicorn theatre

Class 11BF will be attending a performance of Hannah at the Unicorn Theatre at Tooley Street. This visit is organised as part of our ongoing literacy and drama learning at Lansdowne School. The play is a modern day version of Dr Faustus.

Ebony Horse Riding School

We are pleased to be able to offer to a selection of students another six weeks session at the Ebony Horse Riding School in Brixton. This is a brilliant opportunity for Lansdowne pupils to obtain horse riding skills, as well as learning about the care of horses and related riding tackle.

Ebony in a unique inner city riding stable. We greatly value the relationship that we have with the organisation. The Queen visited Ebony last year. Some of our young riders were able to witness this special occasion.

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