Y11 Drama & Science

Our drama sessions in Year 11 have involved the students taking part in some role-play related to an everyday situation. We are keen for the pupils to experience social situations that they may experience away from Lansdowne School so that they can feel confident in their interactions.

The situation was set up where a customer was returning a pair of shoes to a shop and asking for a refund. Year 11 worked in small groups made up of a shop manager, a shop assistant and a customer.

Expression and gestures were encouraged. The students were able to experience how this potentially difficult situation can reach an agreeable conclusion if all those involved are able to remain calm.

You can how the Year 11 students were able to keep cool by watching the video above.

Year 11

Year 11 have been learning about electricity, energy and light as part of their scientific study for the spring term. Our research has led the pupils to look at many varied themes that are related.

We have been looking at electrical conductors to see how electricity is able to flow around a circuit. Different types of waves have also been studied such as electromagnetic waves, micro waves, short waves, long waves and infrared waves.

A recent session in the Lansdowne School science lab involved the students looking at light waves and how they travel. We set up a simple observation experiment involving a light source in a box. We asked the students to observe how light travels. We were able to answer that light travels in a straight line.

Year 11 were then encouraged to experiment with different shadows. We have seen how a light source can create a shadow when we place an opaque object in front of it. The students moved various objects around within the radius of the light source, logging each time any changes that they could see.

The teaching staff then introduced many varied light resources into the session. These included many different light puzzles or games, all perfect for stimulating the senses of the students.

We finished our session by setting a challenge: is it possible to make a ray of light turn a corner? By using a series of mirrors we found that we could alter the direction of the light beam. It was important to note that the deflected beam still travels in a straight direction.

This is a theme that we will look at in more detail over the coming weeks. It is the principle upon which fibre optic cables work, something that the Year 11 students will soon be learning about.

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