Y7 Assembly Work

Year 7

Year 7 have been putting in a great deal of preparation ahead of their forthcoming school assembly. This is an exciting time for the pupils, but also one that could lead to a few nerves. Miss Mitchell and Guy have been helping out to make sure that all Year 7 pupils feel happy when presenting their work to the older children in the school.

We held a class vote to decide upon the theme of our assembly. Two topics received a joint top billing: our favourite animation film, and our favourite song. Fortunately these are subjects that the students know plenty about!

Year 7 are keen to present their assembly using both interpersonal skills and new technology. We have spent a large amount of time filming each pupil using the school iPads, talking about their favourite film or song. These clips will be edited into one film, and then screened during our assembly to accompany our work.

The pupils are also now well settled into the end of week routine of holding an open and honest conversation together as a class. We are keen for each class member to share their thoughts about the past week of learning at Lansdowne School.

Miss Mitchell and Guy ask questions such as what has been a success for you this week? What has made you unhappy? How can we find a solution so that this doesn’t happen the following week?

These sessions are proving to be highly successful. All pupils are now confident to step forward and speak openly about their feelings. This has helped to strengthen our class friendships as we continue with our learning.

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