Year 10 Literacy

Year 10

Year 10 are continuing to prepare for their GCSE Entry Level exams that we will be sitting in just over a year from now. A strong component in the syllabus is the idea of short stories. Year 10 have been looking at this genre, and comparing it with other forms of literature that we have been reading.

The students have been focussing on a book called The First Date. We have used this theme to look at some other life situations that we experience for the first time. These may be our first trip to the zoo, our first time on holiday or our first day at Lansdowne School. The idea of uncertainty occupies all of these thoughts.

The Year 10 students have been producing their own creative writing in the form of a short story. This work is at a very early stage as we start to think ahead towards our GCSE exams. The initial signs are that most pupils are already preparing well ahead of their Year 11 studies.

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