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Our recent PE sessions in Year 9 have introduced the students to the different skills that we need to succeed when we are playing net sports. There are many different types of sport that use a net: tennis, table tennis or even volleyball.

Year 9 have been learning that although there are some similarities, a slightly different technique is needed in each sport. Our recent session focussed on volleyball, swing ball and table tennis.

Mr. Lee led the volleyball tuition by helping the pupils to improve their block shot. Working in pairs, the first player released the ball high in the air over the net. Our partner’s task was to push the ball back down over the other side. We learnt that this is a popular shot in volleyball when trying to win a point.

We then advanced our skills to learn about the dig shot. This is when you clench your two fists with a specific grip, and then dig the ball out from the back of the curt when it is about to hit the ground.

Year 9

Each group rotated around each net sport activity. Our task whilst playing table tennis was to try and keep a rally going whilst playing a game of doubles. Mr. Lee and his team have been teaching the pupils about the importance of how to hold the table tennis bat correctly. We have been learning how we can use our wrists in this sport to gain greater control.

The rules of table tennis have also formed part of our approach. We have been learning about how we can’t volley the ball like we can in sports such as tennis. The scoring structure has also been taught, plus the importance of great teamwork when playing doubles.

Year 9

The swingball activity was a popular game for Year 9. Mr Lee described how we need to keep a straight arm when playing a shot. This enables more power to travel through the ball.

Year 9 concluded this PE session by recapping the different techniques that we have now learnt. Now that these skills have been mastered, the pupils are ready to take part in some net sport game situations over the coming weeks.

One of sporting Year 9 students explains what she has learnt from the session in the video below.

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