8DL – Class of the Week

Class of the Week

The Lansdowne School Choir are continuing to help other pupils to learn some new songs as part of our weekly singing and signing assembly. The Choir has recently been introduced to the song Consider Yourself from the Oliver soundtrack. This is a lively song to sing, as well as containing many new signs to learn.

Our weekly singing and signing assembly led by Miss Shelton helps all pupils to feel confident with the signing. This was also a good opportunity to recognise the achievements of Alex, the Star Signer of the Week.

Alex has described how he really enjoys learning new signs and keeps on practicing during his spare time. He feels proud to be given this weekly award, as he explains in the recording below.

Alex’s reward for being the Star Signer was to choose the next song to sing and sign during our weekly assembly. Alex chose Walking on Sunshine – the perfect choice to match the bright start to the day.

Certificates of achievement were then handed out across all subjects that we study as part of the Lansdowne Curriculum. Miss Tovey then awarded the trophy for the Class of the Week. This is a special award that recognises full participation and learning from all students in a particular class during the past week. Class 8DL celebrated their fine achievement.

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