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The Lansdowne School Council are meeting weekly and coming up with plenty of ideas to help further improve our school. Each class has representation on the council. The role of a Councillor is to pass on the views from their class friends, and then to provide feedback from the school management.

All staff and students at Lansdowne are looking forward to our contribution for Comic Relief Day. School Council came up with the idea of inviting everyone to wear their own clothes for the day on 20 March. A small charge of £1 will be made for this. All money collected will be donated to Comic Relief. This is a great example of the Lansdowne School Council is helping to make real change around the school.

Our recent meeting also came up with plenty of ideas for future change around the school. The Councillors have come up with a list of possible after school clubs that some of the students would like to see introduced. These include a Cookery Club, a Table Tennis Club, a GCSE Revision Club, a Book Cub and a Cricket Club. These ideas will now be passed on to the school management to see if it is possible to introduce them.

Many other issues arose during the meeting. These were the result of class members asking their Councillors to lobby on their behalf. The students are keen to see some replacement pool cues and balls to be made available. There is also an ongoing problem with footballs becoming stuck on the school roof. The water fountain is in need of repair. Pupils would also like to see more drinking cups to be made available.

Our School Council meeting finished with a couple of curriculum suggestions. Some of the students are interested in tie-dye being introduced to art sessions. There was also a useful discussion about possibly organising more class trip for the summer term.

All of these ideas will now be passed on to the school management to explore.

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