Year 8 Drama

Year 8

Year 8 have been using drama to help improve our friendships and general group dynamics as we work together as a class. We are currently looking at the world of advertising during our literacy lessons. The pupils have been learning about the role of alliteration and how this can be used to put across a powerful message or meaning.

We used this theme as part of our drama learning. The students sat in a circle, and then had to complete and add to the sentence:

“I put inside my shopping bag…”

Each pupil had to think of an adjective and then a noun beginning with the same letter, as well as keeping the growing list in alphabetical order. Examples included an angry ant, a buzzing bee and a cuddly cat.

This activity than built into a storytelling session. We encouraged an open ended approach, with each class member contributing a short verbal passage to a story, before then handing over the narrative for a friend to continue with.

Finally we finished our Year 8 drama session with a memory game. Each pupil added to a list of items as we went around the circle. We talked about techniques to help with our memory, such as associating an item with each class friend.

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