Year 9 Volleyball Video

Year 9 are continuing to improve their techniques whilst playing a variety of net sports. Volleyball is proving to be a popular sport within Year 9. Having mastered the individual skills that we need, Year 9 are now working together as a team to put in place some volleyball game situations.

Year 9

We started off a recent session by seeing how many times we could keep the volleyball in the air working as a group. The students were reminded of the difference between pushing the ball and hitting it. If we hear a sound when our hand makes contact with the ball then we are hitting it. Pushing is a key skill in volleyball.

Year 9

Our lesson continued by setting up a series of block shots. The players advanced close to the net, and then blocked the ball and sent it back over when it came to them. We took a step further backwards each time we became more confident with this approach.

A game situation was then set up. Our focus was to work collectively as a team to help set up a winning volleyball shot. You can see some of our PE work being shared in the video above.

Year 9

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