Lansdowne Wildlife Garden

The Lansdowne School garden is about to enter an exciting new phase of development as we have just received a large polly tunnel in which to continue with our growing. Last year the pupils were able to harvest carrots, potatoes, courgettes, strawberries and peas in the garden. We are optimistic of improving on these results when work starts on sewing the seeds in the new polly tunnel.

The Lansdowne Garden is a wonderful space where all year groups are able to learn about gardening. As well as the new polly tunnel we also have some raised beds that are great for the veg. The idea is to grow the seeds first under the protection of the polly tunnel, and then transfer our harvest to the raised beds once they start growing.

You can enjoy a guided tour of the Lansdowne School Garden by one of our keen Year 11 gardeners in the video above.

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