School Council Updates

Year 8

The Lansdowne School Council is continuing to meet each week with Executive Head Teacher Mrs Adams to discuss any issues raised by the class friends of the Councillors. This is always a wide-ranging meeting and the opportunity for the pupils to help influence decisions that take place throughout each year group.

Our recent meeting started with a conversation about the funds raised as part of Comic Relief Day. All pupils were invited to wear their own clothes from home for one day, all for the small price of £1. This was an idea that was first suggested by the School Council. The Councillors have asked for the final figure raised to be clarified so that we can share this news back in class.

A useful suggestion then came from one of the Councillors with the possibility of having stress balls available in each class. All pupils at Lansdowne School have the availability of the Quiet Room if they are in need of some time out. It was mentioned during the meeting that sometimes a pupil may not need to the lesson, but might need a physical resource such as a stress ball to help maintain their concentration.

Mrs Adams then spoke about some of her observations after spending a considerable amount of time in the school playground. Skipping ropes appear to be very popular. School Council decided to invest in some more of these.

It was also mentioned that basketball appears to be not as popular as School Council first thought it might be. One Councillor spoke of how the availability of balls is sometimes an issue. New basketballs have also been added to the resource list.

A thoughtful contribution from another School Councillor was that some of the younger school pupils perhaps might not play football inside the court because the game can often be quite fast-paced. After considerable discussion it was decided that it would be a good idea to section off some of the grass area to form a second space for football.

An ever-present theme at School Council meetings is the construction of the new Lansdowne School building. Councillors made it clear that they would like to see the trees and gardening space retained in the new school design. This is something that Mrs Adams believes is possible.

Likewise keeping the Quiet Room was a popular choice. This is a much-valued space that the students greatly appreciate.

The school Councillors will now report back to their class friends and inform them of what has been discussed. Another wide-ranging, open and valued School Council discussion!

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