Toe by Toe Literacy Programme

Toe by Toe

We have recently introduced the literacy programme Toe by Toe at Lansdowne School. This is a daily activity that helps autistic students with their reading and speech development.

Toe by Toe is a recongnised learning resource, which aims to connect individual letters to words. Repetition is an important part. We build upon the achievements each day, as well as re-capping on the knowledge that has been learnt so far.

Once individual letters have been confidently recalled and recognised, we then blend in other letters to help with word formation. The final stage of Toe by Toe is to enable students to feel confident when reading out a short passage.

We are already seeing some positive outcomes for this programme at Lansdowne School. Individual subject teachers have noted a reading improvement in the pupils taking part. The students themselves have stated that they really enjoy taking part in Toe to Toe.

We have started off this new way of learning with a small group. There are plans to expand Toe to Toe after the Easter break to larger number of pupils. Course tutor James explains a little more about the scheme in the short recording below.

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