Year 8 English

Year 8

Year 8 have advanced their recent work on advertising to help come up with a sales pitch to launch their products. The pupils have been learning how to recognise various advertising messages and techniques during out literacy lessons. We have seen that the use of words is very important in putting across a powerful message.

Each class member has come up with an idea for a unique drink. We asked the students to think about the taste of their drink, and then devise a unique name and an advertising message. Fizzy coconut juice was one example offered by a Year 8 pupil.

Once the product was in place, our next task was to organise the production of the drink. Year 8 have written formal letters to a hypothetical drinks manufacturer, stating why they should invest in the idea of our drink.

The pupils have been asked to think about the power of persuasive language for this exercise. We have also been able to offer some advice to the drinks companies about how they might like to market the drink.

What media would be best suited for the sales pitch? What strap line can be used? What is the overall theme that we want to create around our product?

This literacy work has also looked at the formalities of how we can write a structured letter. Attention has been paid to having an introduction, a main message and then a final request to invest in our work. Year 8 have also designed a poster to accompany our sales pitch.

You can listen to some of the ideas being shared in the podcast below.

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