Year 10 Hockey Skills

Year 10

Year 10 have been improving their hockey playing skills as part of our PE learning for the summer term. Three key skills have been learnt: dribbling, passing and blocking. The students have been learning how each different technique needs a slightly different approach to the way that we hold our hockey sticks.

A number of circuit activities were set up to help us focus on these skills. Cones were placed in the school gym to help with the dribbling part of our hockey game. We set up a simple passing game with a partner to improve our accuracy. Blocking was also practiced with one-on-one situations.

As well as the skills that we need, Year 10 have also been learning the rules of hockey. We have seen how each game starts with two opponents gently tapping their stick three times against each other.

Safety has also been a consideration – we need to keep our hockey sticks below waist height so that we don’t injure other players.

Year 10 were able to put these different skills into practice with a series of mini-games. Teamwork was encouraged with each player looking for some free space to help us dribble the ball. We will continue to build upon our hockey skills throughout the first part of the summer term.

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