Year 10 Music Video

Year 10 have been producing some thoughtful music work in preparation for the WJEC Entry Level qualification that they will soon be sitting. A core part of this assessment is the ability to complete a solo performance.

Some fairly strict criteria is outlined:

Two pieces of music need to be played by each performer. They must contain melodic or rhythmic patterns. A minimum of 8 bars is required, with a maximum of 8. Five different notes need to be incorporated.

After careful consideration, Year 10 have been given a choice of three songs to play on the Lansdowne keyboards as part of their solos: Morning Mood, Pachelbel’s Cannon and the theme from Eastenders. A large focus for this activity was the repeating patterns contained in the melody.

Each Year 10 student had a free choice in selecting their music. We also encourage independent learning, with adult help needed if required. Technical control of the keyboard is another core skill during this exercise. All three pieces of music contain loud and quiet passages.

The pupils have to complete a self-assessment of this exercise. Questions asked include: Did I play the piece in time? Did I play the right notes? Did I play with confidence?

We also ask the performers how they could improve their performance ahead of the Entry Level exam.

You can watch some of the Year 10 musicians rehearsing their keyboard work in the video above.

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