Year 10 Drama Video

Year 10 have been preparing for life beyond Lansdowne School during our current drama sessions. We are looking the world of work and some of the skills that we might need to help us during a job interview situation.

The students have been studying a genuine job description and application form. We have seen how employers compose a job specification, which we then need to match our own talents to.

Working in pairs Year 10 used role-play to act out a job interview scene. We spoke about the importance of personal presentation. Posture and good eye contact with the interviewer are both important.

We then shared our job interview drama pieces with the rest of the class. Each session was videoed so that we could analyse and offer constructive feedback. The students found that personal responses to questions were sometimes being offered instead of a professional approach.

Year 10 concluded the session by re-capping on the sills that we have learnt and discussing how we can further improve our job interview techniques.

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