Year 7 PSE Thoughts

Year 7

Year 7 have been using their Friday PSE sessions to share ideas about what they have achieved throughout the previous week. We are keen to pass on thoughts about personal and group development, as well as academic and social achievements.

The pupils discuss ideas involving interaction, friendships and strategies for dealing with anger. A strong theme during a recent session was how we can manage our feelings. We wanted to find out how class members deal with different situations.

Year 7

Mr. Gulley led the discussions with each class member sitting in a circle and encouraged to offer full group participation. Mr. Gulley posed the question: how do we deal with anger? Suggestions including moving away from another person, thinking nice thoughts, taking deep breaths or counting from one to ten.

Our PSE session then moved towards the idea of happiness. Mr. Gulley asked for suggestions as to how Year 7 can work together even better as a group. The pupils spoke about the importance of feeling comfortable whilst at school.

The favourite part of the PSE lesson for many of the Year 7 pupils is when we introduce Muzzy, our toy friend. Each class member is given some time with Muzzy where they can talk openly about what they have achieved over the course of the previous week.

Year 7 concluded the PSE lesson with some thoughts on what we can theme our future Lansdowne School assembly on. The pupils were asked to give this some consideration over the weekend.

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