Year 11 GCSEs

Year 11

We are incredibly proud at Lansdowne School in the mature manner that the Year 11 students have been working their way through the GCSE exam timetable. There is still plenty of work to complete, but the early signs are positive.

Continued learning is taking place for Year 11 in-between the examination schedule. All subject teachers are preparing the students to help come up with the best examination technique to suit their needs.

The students have been looking at past GCSE papers English papers. We have been holding class discussions about how we might each approach some of the questions that we have looked at.

A particular focus for GCSE English has been on the presentational features of a news report. The pupils have been revising the importance of a strong headline, an explanatory strap line and the use of powerful images. The main message here is how all of these elements need to draw in the reader. Different media sources have been analysed.

Year 11 will be treated to a number of fun school trips once the GCSE examinations have been completed. We are also starting to think about the special Leaver’s Day assembly that takes place on 18 June. We are looking at many ideas as to how we can say goodbye to our Year 11 friends and leave them with a lasting memory of Lansdowne School.

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