Year 7 – Star Class!

Year 7

Year 7 celebrated the start of half term week by being awarded the Class of the Week Trophy in the Lansdowne Achievement Assembly. Miss Tovey reminded all pupils what it takes to win the trophy: all class members need to follow the Lansdowne FRESH rules and support each other as we continue to learn. All teaching staff were in agreement that Year 7 have been continuing to work together as a group incredibly well.

The pupils continued this approach during the Guided Reading session that followed. This is a daily activity where we share our knowledge and love for reading at Lansdowne School.

Year 7

Year 7 have started to look at different reading sources as part of their work. We are currently reading an autobiography of Susan Greenfield, a leading scientist. The pupils have been identifying what makes this type of book different to a piece of fiction that we sometimes read in class.

We listened to a short passage from the book being read out, and then worked in pairs to complete a short worksheet. The pupils were asked to use the school dictionaries to identify any unfamiliar words. We talked about the techniques we can use to find a word in a dictionary, and then shared our findings within the group.

You can listen to some of these ideas being explored in the podcast below.

Year 7

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