Year 8 Drama Video

Year 8 have been having great fun during our drama lessons as we look ahead to future learning in Year 9. The pupils have been taking part in some drama activities that we usually introduce in Year 9. The focus is very much on individual choice and memory recollection techniques.

All class members sat in a drama circle. We asked each pupil to think of their favourite animal. The first Year 8 member then acted out some of the features of their animal, including the sounds that it might make. The next person in the circle then had to copy this activity, and then introduce their own animal. The third class friend added in their chosen animal. This process continued until all Year 8 members had added their animal into the sequence.

We spoke about what techniques we could use to help us remember which animal came next. The pupils were encouraged to make the connection between their friend and what we know their favourite animal is.

This activity continued with a new challenge set. We had to make our own favourite animal sound, and then add on the end the sound from someone else in the group. If we heard our sound at then end then this meant that it was our turn next. All class members had to concentrate and listen carefully for their sound.

You can watch a video of the Year 8 drama session above.

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