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The Lansdowne School Council held a very constructive meeting ahead of the half tem holiday. All classes at Lansdowne are represented on the Council by a Cllr. The role is to listen to the suggestions from their class friends, and then put these forward at school council. Any resolutions are later fed back to the class.

Miss Mitchell Chaired the most recent meeting. We started off by re-capping on some of the ideas that were suggested at the previous meeting. It was reported that the bubble machine in the playground is proving popular.

School badges have been ordered. We want the Cllr’s to be easily identifiable around the school so that all pupils can take any ideas or suggestions to them.

Wet play provision was then discussed. The School Management Team has asked the School Council to come up with a list of possible games and DVDs that we can by for wet play use. The Cllr’s have been instructed to see what games would be popular within their own year group.

The end of year trip for Year 11 was then discussed. The students have decided that they would like to celebrate their final few days at Lansdowne School with a bowling trip, and then a fun day out at Brockwell Park.

A request was made by one Cllr to improve the Wifi signal around the school. All classes now have access to the Lansdowne iPads. There are a few areas within the building where the signal needs to be strengthened.

This led to a discussion about the new Lansdowne School building. Miss Mitchell reported that new plans are currently being drawn up by the architects. There has been a re-calculation in the funding, but we are optimistic that our plans for expansion and improvement are still progressing.

A useful contribution from one Cllr was to keep the water supplies fresh in each classroom. It was noted that the water needs to be change frequently.

Another suggestion was to look at the current timetable for use of the outdoor pen in the school playground. There was also discussion about playing sports other than football in the pen during playtimes.

Finally Miss Mitchell received a list of reading books that various year groups have put forward to help improve the Lansdowne School library. These include Harry Potter and The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

You can listen to a couple of the Lansdowne School Cllr’s explaining a little more about the meeting in the podcast below.

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