Year 11 Maths

Year 11

Year 11 are using their maths time during their final few weeks as Lansdowne pupils to help remember many of the skills and knowledge that have been taught.

Recent sessions have included reminders about the concepts of more, less or equal. We have approached this work by trying to understand the different concepts first. What do we actually mean if we state that 5 is more than 3? How many more is 5 than 3? The pupils have completed a worksheet with many similar questions.

Other maths work has included the concept of scaling numbers. We have looked at patterns across a number of different scales such as increasing the amount by 2, 4, 5 etc.

This work has led the students to look at graphs. The numbers have been missing on the X-axis showing the scale. Our challenge was to read the graph and then suggest what an appropriate scale might be.

The maths department iPads continue to be a great attraction for the pupils. We use these towards the end of the sessions to help compliment the learning. A number of carefully selected maths apps are loaded on to the iPads to help each pupil with their own learning objectives.

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