New Choir Song

Singing and Signing Assembly

A new song was introduced to the pupils during a recent singing and signing assembly. What a Wonderful World has many new signs for the students to learn, as well as containing an uplifting message.

Miss Shelton and Mikita introduced the new signs for some of the words that are new to us. Some help was provided by a couple of Lansdowne School Choir members. We encourage the Choir to take leadership during these assemblies and to help out all pupils with the singing and signing.

Luka from Year 8 was named as the Star Signer of the Week. As a reward Luka selected Waving Flag as the next song to sing in the assembly – a timely choice given the current football World Cup.

The assembly came to a close with Miss O’Leary handing out the indiviudal achievement certificates for each curriculum subject.

Singing and Signing Assembly

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