New Assembly Songs

Singing and Signing Assembly

All Lansdowne pupils learnt a new song during a recent Singing and Signing Assembly. Miss Shelton and Mikita helped to demonstrate the new signs that we need to know so that we can sing I Just Can’t Get Enough – a lively start for a Friday morning!

This was a pacey song that required some quick thinking from the pupils when we were remembering the signs for each word. We had plenty of support from the Lansdowne School Choir with a couple of members leading from the front with their actions.

Choir member Lucy was selected by Miss Shelton as the Star Signer of the Week. Miss Shelton explained that Lucy always every attends every Lansdowne Choir practice. She is also a very considerate Choir member and keen to help out the other students.

Lucy chose for the Choir to sing Imagine as her reward.

Miss Tovey then handed out the Star Certificates across all curriculum subjects. It was commented on how smart each award winner was dressed in their full school uniform.

Four Happy Birthday songs were then enthusiastically sung. We finished our Friday morning assembly by awarding the Star Class of the Week trophy to Class 10RN. Miss Tovey commented that all students have been attaining exceptionally high levels with their tick sheets throughout all subjects.

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