Year 9 Poetry Podcast

Year 9

Year 9 have been learning about different poetry techniques during our literacy lessons for the summer term. We have been seeing how the use of simile or alliteration can add some extra spark to our poems.

We started our work by reading some pieces of work by some famous poets. We underlined any examples of alliteration that we could find. We read these poems out to hear how alliteration can add some extra pace and rhythm to a poem.

Our next task was to write our own poems with a heavy use of alliterations. We used a series of animal pictures to help find some creative inspiration. This then led to some wonderful pieces of poetry being written.

Our final task was to type these up in the ICT suite. We asked the Year 9 pupils to illustrate their poems by searching for some suitable images to add to our words.

You can listen to one young Year 9 student sharing his alliteration poem in the recording below.

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